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Pajamas Media sues Eric Holder's DOJ

Admittedly buried in my story yesterday -  "Justice Department Only Selectively Complies with Freedom of Information Act" - was the really big news:  Pajamas Media has sued the Eric Holder run Justice Department under the Freedom of Information Act.   Here is the complaint.   Though I am happy to stand corrected, I believe this may mark a milestone - perhaps the first conservative new media litigation against a federal agency.  Pajamas Media obviously takes the obligations under the Freedom of Information Act more seriously than does the Eric Holder Justice Department.  In a world where new media like Pajamas will be at the forefront of information flow, new media also have a responsibility to compel government agencies to comply with the law when they break it, and the Justice Department has broken the law.

The lawsuit arises out of a nearly seven month outstanding request for information about new attorney hires since the inauguration.  I discuss the details of the ignored FOIA request in the article linked above.  It marks a sad exposure of the rank hypocrisy of the Most Transparent Administration in History.