"Painted into a box"

Okay, look, everyone knew that there is some Central Committee of the Democratic Party that defines what words are supposed to be spoken in all discussions, not just of the budget but of pretty much everything.  The phrasing and even intonation is so consistent that it can't be coincidence.

It does make me wonder a little bit if lunch with the Senate Democrat leadership wouldn't go a little like this:


I'll have the club sandwich with Boehner painted into a box.


I'd like the draconian bean soup and an extreme small side salad.

But what really puzzles me is: what the hell is "painted into a box" supposed to mean?  "Painted into a corner" -- okay, I'd get that. "Boxed in", ditto.

But "painted into a box"?

The highly-paid message crafters at the CCDP couldn't manage a meaningful, unmixed, metaphor?