Occupiers Have Work to Do Before Their 'Kent State Moment'

Occupy Wall Street has been successful at making the news and getting attention, but it still lacks widespread support. On MSNBC, Donny Deutsch said that Occupy Wall Street needs a "Kent State moment." That was pretty shocking, because you really expect fantasies about hippies being massacred to be more of a Fox News thing. Still, I bet many people have gone by the OWS protests and thought, "It sure would be great if the National Guard opened fire on these idiots" -- it's just that most people know to keep that sort of thought to themselves. So leave it to MSNBC to be groundbreaking again.

Deutsch did clarify that he didn't necessarily mean that hippies need to be shot and killed to help their cause, but that they need some iconic image like that of the dead students from Kent State -- something that really shows the class warfare they’re up against. So maybe a photo of a millionaire using a bag of his money to beat a homeless man to death. That would be some powerful imagery; actually, I might draw that.

The only problem with Deutsch's Kent State idea -- which is otherwise a great, flawless idea -- is that I don't think OWS is quite to the "getting killed on camera" stage yet. OWS protestors really need to do a bit more work building up the movement before they think about getting slaughtered as a viable strategy to build their movement. Here's some advice for the OWS protesters of things to do before their Kent State moment arrives:

Have a coherent message. I know pretty much everyone has been harping on you OWS protesters about this, but it really can't be overemphasized. If you want people to take action, it kind of helps to at least be able to specify the action -- or at least what thing you think requires action.

Everyone understood the Kent State protest was about the Vietnam War. They weren't protesting something vague like "conflict" or "fighting"; they were against a very specific war. With OWS, you guys are afraid millionaires are going to millionaire you or something; who knows what in the world you're afraid of? All anyone knows is that you're against greed... as is pretty much everyone, and obviously greed doesn't lead to any specific action. If right now you OWS protesters had something outrageous happen to you, people would be like, "I won't stand for this! I'm going to support those hippies in... um... their... um... something about Wall Street, I guess?" So it's just good advice to make sure people know what you're getting massacred over before you get massacred.