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Owner of Liberal Outlet Attacking Romney for "Cayman Islands" Accounts Based in... Cayman Islands

The "ever-reliable" Gawker is catering/pandering (your pick) to its semi-demi trendy clientele by jumping into the political fray again with a pseudo-exposé of the Romney/Cayman Islands connection. Liberal Slate is unimpressed: Gawker Publishes Trove of Bain Docs, Financial Reporters Yawn.

Apparently the gossip site was a tad late- to-market with their "breakthrough". Making matters worse, it turns out that the Gawker Media Group itself is domiciled... you guessed it... in The Caymans! From felixsalmon.com:

Gawker Media has been going through a big corporate revamp over the past year or so. The ultimate parent company has never been in the U.S.: it used to be Blogwire in Hungary, but now Blogwire Hungary has become a subsidiary of a Cayman Islands entity called Gawker Media Group Inc, which also owns various U.S. operations like Gawker Media LLC, Gawker Entertainment LLC, Gawker Technology LLC, and Gawker Sales LLC

Personally, I have nothing against The Caymans. I wouldn't mind being "domiciled" there myself. But maybe the jeune engagé over at "progressive" Gawker should check the hypocrisy meter before they throw their puerile stones.  Otherwise, stick to their beat.  We're all desperate to know which super model has a meth problem.