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Out-Rigging the Vote

And therefore the Lord entered the hearts of the wavering, of Democrats with a conscience and even many of the #NeverTrumpers, and directed their steps to the voting booths. At the same time, the Lord instilled the negative spirit of disinclination in significant numbers of those who would have otherwise filled the ballot boxes and pulled the levers to Hillary’s advantage.

And so, dear reader, the election was indeed rigged, not merely by the left but by the Lord in His ineffable wisdom. We might say, the Lord of Hosts out-rigged the riggers and outmaneuvered them all with Divine facility and electoral omnipotence, and in this empyrean manner saved both His beloved Israel and, simultaneously, His beloved America from a demonic future. As for Trump, he was merely the messenger, the proxy, an unwitting tool in the hands of a Higher Power.

Ok, so I’m only kidding. But do you have a better explanation?

(Artwork created using a modified Shutterstock.com image.)