Our Petty, Country-Be-Damned President

Not satisfied that their boss had been caught red-handed, White House officials, including lead Bob Woodward threat deliveryman Gene Sperling and Press Secretary Jay Carney, already in an inescapable hole, kept digging. Each claimed without any apparent attempt to verify the truth of what they were saying that janitors would really be getting a "pay cut" because their overtime would be reduced. Kessler jumped in again on March 6 with another quartet of Pinocchios after finding that "overtime amounts to only pittance of the overall pay — about $6.50 a week on top of wages of $1,000 a week."

Obviously, very real and major inflictions of pain are afoot. The administration appears to have abandoned the idea of actually governing in favor of spending the next 20 months intimidating voters into changing the party which controls the House of Representatives in next year's congressional elections. Their crude philosophy appears to be: "The fiscal beatings will continue and morale won't improve unless and until you elect a Democratic Party majority to the House next year."

Homeland Security has released and apparently plans on continuing to release thousands of illegal immigrants from detention centers, including many with violent criminal records, and even began doing so before sequestration took effect. Unless these moves cause a meaningful reduction in the number of ICE prison guards, I don't even see how this move will significantly reduce costs. The Navy has delayed deploying the USS Harry S. Truman to the Persian Gulf, even though "military officials freely admit they could have found ways to save money." The Navy is also withdrawing its participation in illegal drug interdiction. All three moves make us less safe.  Yet in the midst of all of this, John Kerry had no problem releasing $250 million to the Muslim Brotherhood enclave formerly known as Egypt.

In 2008, Obama's Republican opponent John McCain used "Country First" as his campaign slogan. Both in that year and during 2012, a truth-in-packaging Obama campaign would have gone with "The Country Be Damned." That's what we're seeing now. It's unprecedented. It can't be allowed to work.

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