One Picture to Capture the Leftist Worldview

You see, the joy of motherhood is a primal urge. We want the sensations, emotions and satisfactions of motherhood so intensely that even a company selling a product that prevents motherhood uses that emotion to sell its uterus-irritating widget.

The ad designer could have simply shown a woman playing the cello in her immaculate bachelorette apartment, perhaps with a crystal decanter of chianti at her left elbow and an adoring man lounging, loosely clad, on the nearby chaise. The headline could say: Pursue Your Passions Now, Without the Worry of Missing a Day.

But nothing can match the primal urge to motherhood. Even this IUD ad implies that you're going to have a baby eventually, just not "right now."

Leftists love planning -- whether of the family variety, or of the 5-year Soviet sort. If only we can plan things, what a wonderful world this will be. Cello playing -- like most other avocations -- can be planned. When the muse passes, the cello returns compliantly to its stand, mutely awaiting the hand of its master.

We delude ourselves when we think the rest of life works that way. The Scriptures say, "The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes [directs or determines] his steps." (Proverbs 16:9) And that rubs against the grain of our egocentricity.

Babies resist regimentation. They're inconvenient. They interfere with one's liberty. They're alive, fresh from the hand of God, grasping, challenging, pushing you to your limits and beyond.

That cello, my stock-photo friend, is not your "baby." Not now. Not ever.