'One Nation' under Obama Has No Respect for America

Barack Obama so disrespects our U.S. Constitution that he apparently never even considered whether his health care mandate might run squarely afoul of it. As a consequence of the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid anti-constitutional arrogance, 22 states are now suing the federal government arguing against ObamaCare. The economy is worse off now than before Obama’s stimulus. Yet the president thinks nothing of the millions of dollars that now must be put into lawsuits by 44% of the states, when it all could have been avoided if Obama, Pelosi, and Reid had shown a little respect for the U.S. Constitution and the voters’ known resistance before bribing and arm-twisting their way to the minimum vote. Such unbridled irreverence for the will of the American people is truly unprecedented.

On the matter of illegal immigration, Barack Obama has demonstrated the most ardent mockery of justice and disrespect for the rule of law. The Obama administration is now suing the state of Arizona for its desperate passage of a law intended to authorize local officials in the enforcement of federal immigration laws. Why was this action absolutely necessary for the citizens of Arizona? Because President Obama so disrespects the rule of law that he refuses to enforce those laws on the books with which he personally disagrees.

As the southern border with Mexico remains a porous piece of shoddy cloth, Arizona has become the ground zero of criminal violence perpetrated by those illegal aliens Obama wishes to protect. So Arizonans are left to fend for themselves. Obama’s answer was to hold a joint press conference with the president of Mexico, in which both men denounced the “racist” Arizona law.

What a sham. The president might just as well have gone down to Arizona and spit in the faces of the American citizens whose lives and property are daily threatened by the unfettered breakers of federal law. Now the feds under Obama are suing Arizona on the premise that immigration law is a purely federal affair, even as the same feds refuse to go after sanctuary cities that declare themselves welcome mats for law-breakers. To most Americans, this is disrespect bordering on out-and-out hate.

On and on this list could go. From long before the election, one of the most evident aspects of the Barack Obama persona was his utter lack of respect for all things American. Whether it was refusing to put his hand over his heart during the national anthem on the campaign trail or his shunning of the flag lapel pin, Obama has made clear his disdain for our country. His whole European apology tour, which included bowing and scraping to foreign dictators and despots of every variety, is now the stuff of ignominious legend.

But his domestic governing shows more than anything else how much real goodness he finds in the rotten fruits of socialism and how sorry and ill-begotten he thinks the American dream of individual liberty really is.

So when One Nation under Obama’s scanty numbers show up to bash America and trash the very ground upon which they walk, it should be no surprise whatsoever. They are merely following the example of their other-worldly leader.

What a disgusting lot of ingrates.