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On the Left, It's Fake Sophisticates, Real Snobs

Everyone with an ounce of schooling intuits that the Constitution is a “living, breathing document,” and a deeply flawed one at that. Any over-promoted community organizer could tell you that it addresses only negative liberties and is confusing to boot. What’s worse, it was “written more than a hundred years ago.”

Eighteen-year-olds can easily meld their minds to this kind of malarkey…and not much else. The genius is in its snark and simplicity. Should a student’s parents be Republican then the myth of sophistication becomes hypnotic. A child’s superiority over his mom and dad matches his earliest assumptions.

Al Gore confirmed this to a group of youths when he proclaimed that “there are some things about our world that you know that older people don't know.” What high school lad after observing his father’s taste in ties would disagree?

Young people gravitate to the left and transfer their ignorance to election tallies. As the leftist ages he continues to chase the wayward dragon that was his early delusions of eminence. He continues to regard the right as a tribe of primitives who dwell, both literally and figuratively, in “Jesusland.”

The haughty reaction of leftists to conservative ideas is something we all endure at one time or another. It’s no easy task to re-program a true believer, especially one with the countenance of a college sophomore.

Everything’s only too clear to him as it always is when you know practically nothing. Conservative exchanges with the opposition are scripted and remedial. For example, the most common enemy posting on my YouTube channel is “redneck.”

Explaining to those critics that I reside in Chicago -- a locale that brims with shady characters but few rednecks -- fails to persuade. The left’s answer to every problem is “more government,” so they are astounded as to why we just don’t get it. Clearly, no one who isn’t a 6th grade dropout would articulate what we do here at Pajamas Media.

In his superb 2008 book, The Tyranny of Liberalism, James Kalb stated that the “nature of advanced liberalism can be inferred from those who support it. Throughout the West the most well-placed and respectable men and institutions are regularly liberal, while those who reject liberalism are tagged as ignorant, provincial, and lower-class.” [p. 90]

When we point out that government is inefficient, irresponsible, corrupt, and that its debts are breaking the American taxpayer, they blame George W. Bush. After that, they blame him some more. That Bush’s deficits paled in comparison to Obama’s treasury busting spending spree is not something they deign to acknowledge.

Great intellectuals are unconcerned by debt, the unemployment rate and inflation. Only commoners worry about that stuff. It’s 2009 Beaujolais in comparison to the audacity of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

The universality of the sophistication non-sequitur astounds. Time magazine employed it last spring after discerning that gold’s over-performance functioned as a critique of a hyper-Leviathan their pages helped to construct.

In the name of proving accurate the phrase “state-run media,” Time diminished the noble metal’s value via urbane critique. They conceded that the element had done well but rationalized that “…it is not nearly as powerful an economic tool as the more abstract forms of money that have taken its place.”

Ah, so gold’s not worthy due to its lack of abstraction? Tell that to the world during a global currency war amid the dollar’s “race to the bottom.” Only a broke journalist and/or leftist termite would be dim enough to buy the notion that being “more abstract” makes for a better investment vehicle.

Democratic Party panjandrums are as bored as Time by the federocracy’s impact. They prefer to use their self-touted brains as a mechanism for fabricating links between Sarah Palin and a schizophrenic madman. Even more fulfilling is when they express sanctimonious rage over “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

Why bother stressing over Obama-ville? Washington, D.C., can simply print money and bankroll everything -- which is precisely what they are doing. Admittedly, to deny reality in the manner of a Democrat is no small imaginative feat.

Like a preschooler, the leftist is addicted to emotion. He cannot live without feeding his fragile ego with prefab claims of ascendance. Democrats will never abandon the trope that there is something learned and sublime about their auto-statism. To do so would make the vin ordinaire that is their thoughtworld sound like the cheap table wine it actually is.