On Ronan Farrow: Why Are Liberals so Gullible, Hypocritical and Dumb?

Three days into his broadcasting career at MSNBC, Ronan Farrow was given the Cronkite Award for journalism. Yet that's not even the most ridiculous thing about Ronan Farrow.

To be sure, an anchor who works at a network that gave up on journalism a long time ago winning an award for journalism is ridiculous. MSNBC does not do journalism, it "leans forward." That Farrow won that award just three days into his career is astounding. That he accepted it is laughable, almost as laughable as Barack Obama accepting the Nobel Peace Prize.

The most ridiculous thing about Ronan Farrow is that his own mother doesn't even know who his father is. It's either Woody Allen or Frank Sinatra. That's quite a range to work with.

The second most ridiculous thing about Farrow is that he has a job on the air at MSNBC at all and is expected, by that network, to turn its ratings around. That would be a big ask for a seasoned broadcaster. Seasoned broadcaster and leftwing crazyman Keith Olbermann failed at it. Less seasoned broadcaster Rachel Maddow has also failed at it. Ronan Farrow, though, is no seasoned broadcaster. He's not even a broadcaster at all. Up to his appointment at MSNBC, he has no career to speak of.

What Ronan Farrow is, more than anything else, is a beneficiary of things that the left that loves him claims to hate. Namely, he is a beneficiary of genetic accidents, family connections, money, and upper class privilege. Farrow would not have the gig he has if not for his family connections, he would not have had his "apprenticeship" with Richard Holbrooke, and MSNBC would have tossed the resume reel that he never even had to submit onto a pile of other resume reels that actual broadcasters did submit, if he was not a son of Hollywood elites, good looking, young and rich. He's one of the right people because he was born that way.

His ascension to hosting a show at MSNBC is blatantly unfair to the thousands of other young, earnest liberals out there who are plying their trade as broadcasters in places like Wichita and Peoria and elsewhere. Farrow leapfrogged all of them, to pull down a salary said to be in the "low millions," because of accidents of birth and wealth, not hard work, talent, or paying his dues.

Farrow isn't NBC's only privilege hire. The network that once had an all-white lineup on cable hired former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton a few years back to host soft-focus human interest feature stories. What she really does is read a few lines written for her by producers, and pretend to conduct interviews for the camers. Those stories she has taken part in are unwatchable and amateurish. The younger Clinton has no charisma on camera or off. She has no broadcasting chops. But NBC keeps her on the payroll for an undisclosed sum all the same, which crowds out other potential hires.

Clinton's mother is also a beneficiary of privilege and wealth. At their winter meeting, Democrats who say they're "ready for Hillary" to be president couldn't even name any worthwhile thing she had done. They support her because of who she married, or because of who picked her to be in government, or because of her abortion stand or something else -- not for anything she has actually accomplished herself. After decades in public life and even stints in the Senate and as Secretary of State, Clinton's resume isn't much deeper than Ronan Farrow's. She certainly didn't "reset" US relations with Russia. An ambassador was killed by terrorists on her watch.

Yet liberals love the Ronan Farrows, Chelsea Clintons, Hillary Clintons and Unnamed Kennedys of the world. Think the world of them. Can't get enough of them. Never seeing their hypocrisy. Liberals hating on the controversial Cadillac ad because it espouses hard work, and who want to use government to enforce their narrow definition of "fairness," don't blink at the fact that their own heroes tend to rise to positions of power not because of hard work or even talent, but because of the inherent unfairness of life. If life was actually forced to be fair, Hillary Clinton would be less than an afterthought in the presidential sweepstakes, and Ronan Farrow would still be an unknown non-broadcaster not having his thoughts aired on a cable network. But they're all Kennedys by another name.