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Okay, I was wrong

Okay, I was wrong, and I'm glad to say it.  From the schedule and the initial advance work, I expected this memorial to be an atrocity.

I think I had every reason to.  A snappy title, a campaign-like logo in Obama's campaign colors, campaign-like teeshirts distributed on every seat. And I could wish that someone had said "Please stop the cheering.  Have some respect."

But somehow, I don't know if they had to go to a temp agency or what, the Obama people found a grownup to write the speech,  This one time, Obama managed to sound like he thought he was President, not of his constituency, but of everyone.

If they listened to his words, and they are capable of shame, the people who wrote hateful things about Palin having blood on her hands will be ashamed. If they are capable of hearing Obama's words, the people whose first thought was "what can I do to exploit this for my side", will sleep a little badly tonight.