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Ohio Post-Mortem: Glitz, Gimmicks, Sleight-of-Hand, and Witnessing Fraud

First, he won by convincing the youth demographic to vote against their best interests. They voted for Obama 60-37, after he plied them with free pizza, bus rides with Jack Black, and free concerts with Jay -Z and Bruce Springsteen. They were hauled from their college campuses to the polls to vote by the busload.

According to some experts, Obama wouldn't have won Ohio and other swing states without this demographic:

"If you wipe out the youth vote [in those states], or if you allocate the vote for [Obama and Romney] 50-50, those states switch from blue to red," Peter Levine, director of CIRCLE, said in a call with reporters Wednesday. "It's enough to make Romney the next president."

Most of them don’t know and don’t care that college tuition rose 25% since he took office. Obama hangs out with the cool kids and promised to “make college more affordable.” They won’t get the hangover from this president until they have to start paying off their massive student loan debt and they realize they can't find jobs when they graduate.

My son is delaying college, working and saving money so he won’t have to rack up student loans. He makes $9.oo per hour at a shipping company and sees $100 taken out of his pay every week to pay for government programs.

He was frustrated when he saw the areas of the state that voted for Obama, knowing that he is subsidizing people who won’t work and who vote for Obama because he promised to continue their benefits, including their “Obamaphones.” It was a rude awakening for an 18 year old disappointed in many of his friends who voted for Obama; he likely became a lifelong conservative on Tuesday night.

Obama also benefited from the deception of the fabricated auto bailout recovery in Ohio. Exit polls show that 60% of Ohio voters favored the federal bailouts of GM and Chrysler. Obama told Ohioans that if Romney had been president, “we might not have an American auto industry today.”

Senator Sherrod Brown ran on the bailouts, saying in an ad that they had protected 848,000 auto-related jobs (at most, there are only 400,000 total auto-related jobs in Ohio, and the shares of GM and Chrysler only represent a third). He also claimed that the bailout is the reason Ohio’s unemployment rate has dropped. None of these statements are true. In fact, they are so untrue that they could rightly be called hyperbole, yet Romney never challenged them.

Ohio Governor John Kasich tried, attempting to defend his own conservative record of improving Ohio’s economy, but the Romney campaign stepped on his message at every turn, continuing to talk about how bad the economy was in Ohio. Misinformed Ohio voters saw the improving economy in the state and wrongly gave credit to the auto bailouts and Obama. Smoke and mirrors will win you a lot of votes if you can get away with it, and Obama did. Kasich will need to do some damage control if he wants to get credit for improving the state’s jobs numbers and win re-election.