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Ohio Post-Mortem: Glitz, Gimmicks, Sleight-of-Hand, and Witnessing Fraud

I was also on the phone with the BOE official at the time it happened, so she heard the play-by-play as it was happening. We shut both machines down immediately, and the BOE sent us two replacements.

I felt sick to see this happen, knowing it could be occurring in any number of machines across the state. How widespread was the problem? How many of the 40-plus ballots that had been cast on these machines had changed votes, unnoticed? Many people are uncomfortable with the touchscreens, especially senior citizens. They may not have noticed votes changing (or may have been embarrassed to ask for assistance).

Was there a conspiracy to steal votes? I have no idea. It may have just been that the machines are aging and they are not working correctly. Or it may have been a couple of buggy machines. Whatever the reason, I can’t say with confidence that the votes on the TSX machines were an accurate measure of the votes cast on Tuesday. I’m left confused and conflicted about how to process what I witnessed.

At minimum, there ought to be an investigation and an examination of each and every voting machine to determine how this could have happened and to assure that it is never repeated. Voters need to be confident that their vote is recorded accurately every time.

I also think that President Obama won a cheap victory in Ohio.