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Ohio Post-Mortem: Glitz, Gimmicks, Sleight-of-Hand, and Witnessing Fraud

Of course we could not prove that he had not pressed the screen to vote for Obama. We cancelled the ballot and he voted again without incident. I reported the problem immediately to the Wayne County Board of Elections (BOE). It was suggested that the voter’s sleeve may have been interfering with the touchscreen, causing him to inadvertently vote for candidates he wasn’t intending to vote for. I was told by the elections official that they “were running into that with a lot of male voters.”

Then a second voter reported a problem with a different machine. The voter said that the machine would not let her vote for Republican candidates. She had chosen Republican candidates on the screen and the machine changed them all to Democrats when she submitted them. I suggested she hit the “back” button to see what would happen if she tried it again. I watched as she again chose Republican candidates and the machine again changed the Republican candidates to Democrats.

I saw it, the voter saw it, and the Democratic poll worker saw it.