Occupy mob assaults counter-protesters at NY May Day march

During the May Day Occupy march in New York yesterday, a trio of counter-protesters were assaulted by a screaming mob of left-wing demonstrators. The victims were members of NY ICE, a group that calls for "having our existing immigration laws enforced."

Apparently, such an opinion is totally unacceptable to the Occupiers, who surrounded, screamed at, threatened, threw liquids and other objects at, and tore the signs from the hands of the counter-protesters.

Amazingly, two videos were recorded of the incident, from opposite angles: the first was recorded by one of the NY ICE members, and the second, which gives a better view of some of the assaults, was shot by one of the Occupiers. Be sure to watch both:

Now, just imagine if any kind of similar behavior happened at a Tea Party rally toward counter-demonstrators.

It would be front-page news for weeks.

But in this case, you'll likely see it here and nowhere else, because the mainstream media covers up Occupy crimes and misbehavior at every opportunity.

(Hat tip: Urban Infidel.)

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