Obama's Popularity Falling — But Not Among Blacks

On Monday, the daily presidential tracking poll for Rasmussen Reports showed that Barack Obama no longer has the job performance approval of a majority of Americans. His overall approval rating was down to an even 50 percent. Released on the same day was a demographic breakdown of that rating: only 41 percent of white Americans approve of the job he’s doing, while 97 percent of blacks approve and 58 percent of all other ethnicities combined approve.

The approval rating of blacks jumps off the page because it’s such a glaring anomaly -- or at least it should be. Upon seeing the numbers, it was hard to bury the frustrated anger accompanying the thought of how unwilling so many black folks are to think for themselves. When reading news in black media outlets, it’s clear that African Americans are easily star-struck by the first black president.

“With all the unique challenges facing African Americans, identifying just one problem as our most fundamental issue sounds like the beginning of a long nuanced conversation. It’s not so complicated, however, for President Barack Obama,” wrote Cynthia Gordy in Essence magazine in a report on how to fix the education crisis in the black community.

Ethelbert Miller wrote in EbonyJet that “when President Obama stepped into the room to address the NAACP this week, he first met a group of black people (many women) who became almost hysterical with joy. ... It reminded me of when the Beatles arrived in the States from England.”

Then there was the reader who wrote in response to Miller’s article: “Nothing & no one can inhibit the pride I feel when reading about what President Obama represents while standing before the NAACP as the leader of our nation and if he doesn't do another thing -- that symbolism, if given a chance, will impact our children and the world for centuries to come.”