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Obama's Shameful Handling of National Security Issues

As my friend Mark said in an email over the weekend:

BO is on vacation in Hawaii and I guess too busy to send a statement to the world that bombing a U.S. airliner is unacceptable and the parties responsible would be hunted and killed (or at least given a stern talking-to -- after being Mirandized). If any other president -- including Clinton -- had not held a press conference on this, the press would have gone ballistic.

It happened on his vacation, sure. Crises don’t take a holiday when the president does. But that’s no excuse for taking so long to say a few words. Yet the press gives him a pass. Again. Are they really so invested in his “success” that they can’t legitimately criticize him on an issue that is vital to all of us?

Had Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab been successful, remember: that plane wasn’t just full of conservatives. I’m sure there were some liberal Democrats on board, along with plenty of Europeans who are supposed to be among Obama’s biggest fans. National security is about all Americans and those who legally come to visit or live here. It’s not some partisan game. It’s not just something that Bush “started” and will stop now that he’s been replaced by someone who, by the power invested in himself, will “restore” our standing in the world.

Okay, I’m getting a little hysterical here. I apologize. But when is national security going to become a priority for Obama? His agenda does not seem to include a serious take on national security; it’s all about remaking the country in his Marxist image. He’s more concerned about taking over the health care system and bringing the capitalist system to its knees. The jihadists know it. After all, this is a guy who has no problem sending hardened jihadists to a prison in Illinois and sending other “detainees” back to the hotbed of jihad in Yemen.

The new year is just around the corner, with celebrations planned for all four corners of the world. Is something big about to happen? If it does, will the crisis be too good to waste?

The first year of Obama’s presidency is like the proverbial train wreck: passersby are horrified by the carnage, but can’t help craning their necks for a second look. Just take a gander at the acts of jihad that have happened in America and around the world over the past year. These guys aren’t kidding. They will continue on their mission until they are successful or until they are stopped.

Does Obama have what it takes to stop them? I hate to say no, but that’s what it looks like from my little corner of the world. And it’s damn scary.