Obama's Shameful Handling of National Security Issues

The year 2009 has not been a stellar one for Barack Obama. It ends on a particularly sour note with the attempted bombing of Northwest Airlines Flight 253 by a Nigerian jihadist. A jihadist, whom we recently learned, may not have been alone on that flight.

Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano has taken a lot of heat, and rightly so. It took her three days to admit that airline security failed in this case. She’s incompetent and should do the honorable thing and step down. And if she doesn’t, she should be fired. But what about her boss? You know, the guy who appointed a governor whose handling of the illegal alien issues in her state was not without concern? The buck stops in the Oval Office. Why did he leave her twisting in the wind for so long? HDTV viewers likely could see the sweat oozing out of her pores as she dodged and weaved reporters’ questions.

Meanwhile, the would-be bomber warns that there are “more like me” coming to America. But I shouldn’t be so cynical. Maybe they’ve heard about the desire by some in Washington to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and are just trying to cash in on the American dream.

When Bush dropped the ball on Hurricane Katrina by “flying over” the immediate aftermath, the press raked him over the coals for weeks and months afterward. A jihadist with explosives tucked into his tighty whities makes it through airline security and is only stopped from blowing up a plane over Detroit by his own bumbling and the passengers who tackled him, and it takes Obama three days to speak to the American public? As Jerry Seinfeld might say, “What’s up with that?” We know he isn’t camera shy: before he even took office, he set a record for press conferences as president-elect, and he had quite a few in 2009. He was certainly quick to denounce a white Cambridge police officer for arresting a black Harvard professor when he “didn’t have all the facts.”

When he did finally make a public statement, it was pretty much boilerplate: ordering a review of security procedures and a promise to get the bad guys. All with the trademark “cool” that made him so different than his predecessor. Sorry, but “cool” isn’t what we need right now. We need someone who’s willing to fight.