Obama's Russia Policy: Submission

Soviet Communism ended in the 1980s, but the Cold War did not. In 1947, President Truman forced the Russians out of Iran after a hundred years of domination, but in 1979 President Carter’s naïve foreign policies handed Iran back to the Russians.

For the last 33 years, Russians have been propelling the Iranian regime to follow their policies. The alliance between Russia’s plutocracy (whether it be Czarist Russia or the Russian Federation) and the Iranian clergy exists on a host of matters; standing against the United States is a mutually beneficial factor.

Russia has used the Iranian regime and money to establish Hezbollah in Lebanon and to support and arm the Palestinians, specifically Hamas, against Israel. Does that not remind one of Cold War tactics?

The Iranian regime is using Russian weapons to keep Bashar Assad in power. After all, Syria has been a Russian satellite ally since Assad’s father was set up and supported by the KGB during the Iron Curtain era. Russia continues the Cold War against America by proxy.

Unlike President Obama who wants to be loved and popular among certain powerful governments and groups, Putin does not feel the need to be loved -- he wants to be feared and respected. Though American presidents like Carter and Obama have betrayed American friends, Putin stands by the regimes that Russia has helped set up, no matter who they are.

Russia’s president is more concerned about power and control than his image and approval in the global public opinion. Putin’s focus remains firmly on his own modus operandi and a foreign policy of domination. Russian disrespect for the sovereignty of others and their indifference to international opinion have been proven time and again.

Terrorist gangs like Khomeinists and al-Qaeda come and go, but Russia should remain a concern, as not only the enemy of the U.S. but as an enemy to the peoples of the neighboring countries who look to America for protection.