Obama's Quest into the Magic World of Anti-American Mythology

Using this template is like riding a bicycle -- once you learn, you never forget. It is simple and easy to work with. For example, applying its clichés to the American role in WWII, anyone with minimal rhetorical skills can come up with a news story headlined "The D-Day Massacre: Atrocities 'R' U.S.," describing Normandy as an unprovoked attack on a peaceful international resort full of disabled people on vacation from Germany. Try to disprove this news if the Nazi artillery is not even mentioned.

Likewise, it's impossible to disprove the leftist "history of American imperialism" without knowing that just about every Cold War conflict began as a premeditated KGB operation. Ridiculing "red scare" while withholding information about the Soviet involvement has proven to make the opponents tongue-tied and feeling like fools fighting with a shadow. That is why the substitution of facts with a revised history that minimizes or airbrushes the Soviet role in the Cold War is of such a crucial importance, helping the left to prevail in the larger propagandistic argument and win the hearts and minds of the general public.

Having come here from the USSR -- a country whose government invented this strategy and lived by it -- I was astonished by the abundance of leftist propagandistic clichés in the American mainstream media. The exclusion of the Soviet connection in any discussion of America's culpability is one of such clichés. It is a telltale sign of a prefabricated myth.

Where's the "imperialist propaganda" when you need it? The leftist propaganda encountered so little resistance in the land of the alleged "capitalist conspiracy" that an airbrushed version of history has almost universally replaced the truth in the media, education, and entertainment. The intended result is the widespread notion of America's guilt. One doesn't even need to be a leftist anymore to believe in this country's image as a violent empire controlled by greedy capitalist oligarchies that dictate its policies.

Since such beliefs make one an easy target of further leftist indoctrination and potential conversion, the incitement of anti-American hysteria has long become a major focus of leftist propaganda efforts. To this end, the radical left has gone as far as to join forces with Islamic extremists in a series of world-wide anti-American protest marches that blame all the world's violence on "U.S. imperialism." They also cooperate in less obvious areas such as disseminating depraved conspiracy theories or fabricating alleged "U.S. atrocities" in the Middle East and planting them in the media -- attributing any bloodshed, regardless of its source, to the U.S. presence in the region. To the radical left, the War on Terror is little more than a convenient excuse to demonize America, proselytize, and recruit new members.

Why didn't the "cabal of capitalist oligarchies" move a finger to protect their alleged investments and stop the agitation and propaganda that ruined all they had worked for and exposed their existence? This is not the behavior one might expect from a greedy, conniving oligarch, is it? They surely don't make capitalist conspiracies like they used to -- almost makes one lose faith in their existence.

In the days of the Cold War, as America was being branded as the single source of all global violence and misery, the USSR brazenly continued to sponsor subversive elements, guerilla movements, and leftist dictators. It continued to use its enormous global spy network to transfer hundreds of millions of dollars, often in the form of briefcases filled with cash, to finance uprisings, sabotage, assassinations, misinformation, as well as to recruit agents and to corrupt democratic elections in foreign countries. This was all done in the name of spreading Marxism-Leninism and exporting the revolution to other continents. And that was besides the generous donations given to puppet communist parties of the world, including within the United States and Israel.

With these facts withheld, America's behavior may understandably strike one as being unhinged and even schizophrenic. When resistance to belligerent communism gets dismissed as a probable cause, the vacuum is filled with off-the-wall conspiracies involving global oligarchies, a military-industrial complex, maniacal CIA directors, and the preferred bugaboo of the left -- greedy American imperialism.

The Afghan conflict didn't begin with the Soviet invasion in 1979. It started a year earlier, when a handful of KGB puppets in Kabul staged a "people's revolution" and declared that the coup was "unanimously supported by the Afghan workers and peasants." Only when they failed to defend themselves from the same people whom they claimed to represent did Moscow reluctantly send in the army. The soldiers -- barely trained young conscripts from Soviet towns and villages -- were told they would be performing "the duty of international solidarity" on the invitation from the "people's government." Before long, a pile-up of stale propagandistic clichés resulted in an inexcusable, criminal slaughter of tens of thousands of innocents on both sides, turning this previously quiet country into a permanent disaster area and a global hot spot for years to come.

At about the same time, across the border a pro-American democratic government under Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi of Iran was being undermined and discredited in a massive campaign of agitation and sabotage designed and coordinated from Moscow. The local leftists, some of them KGB agents, were laying the groundwork for a similar "people's revolution" in Tehran. But the Islamic radicals moved in first, seized the power, and threw the communists in jail, correctly seeing them as the most dangerous competition at the time -- without so much as a thank you for helping the revolution. The resulting Islamic Republic of Iran has become a rogue state ruled by an oppressive theocratic regime that sponsors terror, destabilizes the world, and is now developing a nuclear weapon.

The civil war in Yemen in the 1970s -- known as the Middle Eastern "Vietnam" -- was yet another Moscow attempt to set a foothold in the Middle East. It turned into a long proxy war between the superpowers that split the country in half. In the south, the radical Marxist government of the puppet People's Democratic Republic of Yemen was backed by the Soviet navy stationed in its sea ports. Incidentally, this is also where the bin Laden family lived, one of many Yemeni clans radicalized by this conflict, just as the Afghani clans were radicalized by the Soviet occupation.

Using Cuba as a foothold in Latin America, Kremlin emissaries destabilized this traditionally anti-communist region by subverting its labor unions, brainwashing its students, igniting class hatred, and setting off a series of coups, bloody guerrilla wars, and corrupt elections. Their presence was invariably followed by humanitarian end economic disasters, starting with Cuba and on to Chile, Grenada, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, and Guatemala.

Not exactly paragons of prosperity themselves, the Soviet bloc countries spent lavishly on promoting pacifist movements in the west, while spending even more to finance foreign invasions. Communist guerrillas of El Salvador, for example, received Soviet and East European weapons and military assistance not just from neighboring Cuba and Nicaragua, but even from such far-away Soviet allies as Libya and Vietnam.