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Obama's Political Army Targets Sen. Ted Cruz's Office for Direct Protest

Tonight after the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, President Obama called on Americans not to "rush to judgment against groups of people." The president applies such thinking when terrorists strike and kill, but not to Americans who happen to disagree with him. He spent Wednesday afternoon yelling at Americans who disagree with him on gun ownership.

Saturday, the political army that answers directly to Barack Obama and no one else, Organizing for Action, will muster in Dallas to target Sen. Ted Cruz for disagreeing with him on gun ownership. I caught this on Facebook tonight, after the president called on Americans not to rush to judgement and all that crap that he doesn't really mean. Except when applied to terrorists.


The Obama machine has targeted the Dallas office to protest in retaliation of striking down gun control!

Tomorrow 11:30am

10440 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX. 75231

Stand with Ted Cruz!