Obama's Muslim Fans Need Some Straight Talk

Muammar Qaddafi has scored so many loony tunes as Libyan despot that his recent musings about love and expectations from "our American Kenyan brother Obama" could be tossed into that same loony bin -- except that it is widely shared out there in the world beyond Libya.

The happenstance of Senator Obama's skin color, his Muslim father, and his middle name of Hussein have led millions, most especially in the Arab world, to think of him as a "brother," from whom much is expected as leader of the U.S.

True, Mr. Obama's cultural diversity is hugely beneficial to the U.S. image as a melting pot and much more. That an African-American, Harvard-educated man of opulent origins emerges as potential leader of the U.S. speaks volumes. Where else can millions of voters make such a resoundingly liberating choice free of the tribalism, xenophobia, and bias tearing at much of the world?

But frothing phantasms over how Mr. Obama's "imagined persona" -- as a Muslim or a third world person -- are already crowding this view, fanning out of the airwaves of Al-Jazeera TV into effervescent Arab websites and public opinion polls, all murmuring about miraculous turnabouts and new alliances.

An Obama administration shall deliver a free Palestine, a defanged Israel liberated enough of its Jewishness to welcome millions of returning Muslim Palestinians, instant friendship with Iran's mullahs, a handover of the Golan Heights, and prompt departure from Iraq.

Mr. Obama needs to burst these bubbles, as none of this is likely.

The U.S. bonds with Israel transcend any administration and the ascending Islamism of the past decade has become an existential challenge to Western civilization, of which the U.S. is guarantor. That fight is Obama's as well as McCain's and that of all future American leaders.

The Obama transformation fantasy has spread within America's estimated ten million Muslims and the approximately 110 million of Europe, when you count Turkey too.

There a growing expectation hovers that his "humanitarian and multicultural" penchants shall finally swing behind the desired option for Muslims to spin out of secular society and live in a separate world of Sharia laws.