Obama’s Legacy: Urban Pathologies on Display

1. Recognition of the one Creator and prohibition of idolatry

2. Prohibition of cursing G-d

3. Prohibition of undue cruelty to animals (expressed as eating a limb of a creature still living)

4. Prohibition of murder

5. Prohibition of sexual immorality

6. Prohibition of theft or robbery

7. Establishment of courts to deal with the above transgressions

Were the moon to be knocked out of its orbit and crash into the Earth, that would not be an act of Divine retribution, but a consequence of the laws of mechanics. Were a person to step out of a second-story window, defying the law of gravity, the result is similarly not an act of Divine retribution, nor is the burn suffered if one puts one’s hand into a flame. Likewise, ignoring or defying any of the fundamental laws of society leads to inevitable pathologies affecting that society, and the individuals who make it up.

It is those pathologies which we see on display in contemporary urban culture, and they have been brought about by policies initiated by the Democratic Party, which has persevered in them ever since, as Dan O'Donnell has recently painstakingly documented. As just one example and point in fact, Toya Graham, rightly lauded as something of a heroine for dragging her son out of the crowd and thereby preventing him from participating in the Baltimore riots, nonetheless is the mother of six children by various male “partners,” none of whom is responsible enough to be evident in her life or those of her children, and she is unemployed and living entirely on public assistance.

This is not to pick on Ms. Graham: She is the victim of the perverse incentives encouraged by policies initiated before she was born. But the chaos, dependence, and resultant endemic hopelessness on display in the urban culture in all the major American cities, nearly all of which, as O’Donnell points out, have been ruled by Democrats for decades (Milwaukee’s last Republican mayor left office in 1908!), provide a foretaste of what the Leftist agenda has in store for all the rest of us as well.

The aggressive distortion of the English language necessary to promote same-sex “marriage”; the total degradation of the value of human life implied by abortion on demand for any reason, at any stage in a pregnancy; the concomitant, sardonic “quality of life” concept, a legacy of National Socialism, updated by the Left; as well as the Left’s militant atheism -- all of these are specific violations of the same natural laws, and, if not reversed, will do the same to American civil society at large as it already has to the urban culture.

Ferguson and Baltimore may well be harbingers of what awaits us all.