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Obama's Immigration Policy: The Audacity of Manipulation

Don’t misunderstand my point. I don’t fault Obama -- or, for that matter, any U.S. president -- for presiding over an administration that deports illegal immigrants. Those people should be deported. The laws are on the books, and they should be enforced. Besides, why have an agency like Immigration and Customs Enforcement, if we’re not going to let it deport illegal immigrants?

But why not just say so? Why go through this charade of pretending to be more progressive than you really are? Why insist, for example, that your administration is not deporting so-called DREAM Act students, young people who would have met the residency requirements under that piece of legislation if only Congress had adopted it? And why turn a discussion of such an important issue into yet another chance to bash Republicans, simply to distract Latinos from what should really trouble them: an executive branch run amok?

It’s all so offensive. First, Barack Obama turns the Latino community upside down for the sake of politics. And then, in full campaign mode, he insults their intelligence with lies and half-truths. This is how he expects to win over voters?

Guess what, Mr. President. It’s not working. Why don’t you trying telling the truth?

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