Obama's Failure of Moral Courage

"Courage," according to Merriam-Webster, means "mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty." Courage was considered the prime virtue through most of recorded history among virtually all peoples on the Earth, and has only recently been displaced by liberal Western concepts such as tolerance and comity. Children are no longer instilled with the desire to express courage -- moral or otherwise -- but instead are taught to value "openness," "diversity," "conflict resolution," and other liberal forms of pacifism designed to create a drab and dreary conflict-free wilderness, a land where no one can be offended, no one holds any strong or difficult positions, a place without danger and fear -- in short, a world without the need for courage. To liberals, courage is a horribly antiquated concept, akin to notions of honor -- things best left in the seventh century.

But, of course, there are many in this world who still reside in the seventh century and they have declared violent war against us (the brutes!). They understand the meaning of courage and intend to prove their own particular brand of this virtue by lopping off our heads and flying aircraft into our buildings. Americans, the product of a long, protracted struggle to settle and tame the wilds of North America, still retain a residue of their ancestral courage, that mettle forged in the white-hot furnace of suffering, struggle, and death as our forefathers fought, bled, and died to bequeath us a better place. The expression of American courage is tempered with mercy and kindness, thus making it difficult for many foreigners to see. Unfortunately, many of our leaders have not only lost this virtue, but actively despise it. A prime example is our current fearless leader Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama, a strange product of the union between a pampered American leftist and a quite randy son of a Kenyan Mau Mau revolutionary (who seems to have sired children all over the world), lived extensively abroad and was educated not in a setting designed to pass along American cultural attitudes. The fundamental view that Barry Soetero developed was not uniquely American but internationalist; he views himself as part of a brotherhood of man, a citizen of the world. Having roots everywhere, he has them nowhere -- the perfect recruit for the new man of the left!

Which explains Obama's bizarre foreign policy of apologism; as a child he got along well with others of every race, creed, and background -- in fact, he had to diligently labor to avoid fitting in -- and he expects this to translate into foreign affairs. His is the antithesis of courage; he believes in the inherent goodness of man and thus the troubles in the world are caused by an unjust social order. Since he sympathizes with the third world, the troubles must be caused by exploitation of the big bullies of America and Europe -- and thus if he apologizes enough those troubles will go away as the exploited come to trust in our contrition. This is a bit different than pure appeasement in that it does not simply offer a bully what he wants; it is about a fundamental change in our way of viewing the world -- particularly in regard to that antiquated concept of courage.

On any playground in the world bullies beat children who hold Obama's viewpoint into insensibility; this moral high ground gives the courage-deprived black eyes and bloody noses.

But apologism appeals to liberals (perhaps because they were weak and cowardly as children?) precisely because they think that America is the bully and they want to humble the ugly brute. By apologizing for our very existence, we make ourselves subservient to an international order, voluntarily placing ourselves under "wiser" and "more moral" institutions designed to create one big happy playground. The majority of liberals believe that there is a purpose to history (Karl Marx certainly did) and that a world with nation-states is a world in the process of evolution; antiquated notions of courage and independence must be removed if we are to progress to a world without borders -- both personal and international.