Obama's Failed Russia Policy

In recent days, a new topic has been burning up the newswires in the land of Vladimir Putin: Russia will save the world. That's right, save the world.

The chairman of the Valdai Club, the malignant propaganda tool which Russia uses to ply greedy Western scholars and journalists with caviar and siren songs in order to enlist their aid in de-democratization and imperialist conquest, writes that America cannot conduct successful foreign policy without Russia and that Russia is going to block evil American efforts to "weaken the entire community of Euro-Atlantic nations" with its "unfinished Cold War" of aggression against Russia.

And the head of the Russian Space Agency declares that Russia will, all alone if necessary, ward off a deadly asteroid on a collision course with the Earth, destined otherwise to wipe out a big chunk of its population. Never mind that Russia can't even get one of its Bulava nuclear missiles to fly a few miles after a submarine launch, it still thinks it can fire one into deep space and hit a tiny rock. Pay no attention to that (American) man behind the curtain who says there is a three-in-a-million chance the rock will strike the Earth.

What's scary, though, isn't that Russians can say this stuff with a straight face. After all, compared to the nonsense they used to jabber in the USSR, it's just par for the course. What's scary is that maybe, just maybe, our president actually believes it.

There is a lot of talk these days about a Republican resurgence in the upcoming congressional elections. Some say the Democrats could lose their ability to block the Republican filibuster in the Senate, which could turn the entire relationship between Barack Obama and the Congress on its head.

But in fact, as Ariel Cohen (Russia expert for the Heritage Foundation) pointed out in a recent New York Times op-ed, where strategic policy is concerned the Democrats have already lost that battle.

Cohen writes:

The Obama administration has failed to complete the negotiation of a treaty to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start), which expired on Dec. 5. The two superpowers are now in unchartered waters. The Russians already kicked out U.S. inspectors.

Everyone knows how the Obama administration has been humiliated by being rejected on Start renewal and Iranian sanctions after offering unilateral concessions to Vladimir Putin on European missile defense and human rights and democracy in an effort to buy those results.