Obama's EPA Declares CO2 a Poison

The French realized it was all a big scam and pretended French cows never had any prion infection. (They actually did, but it only killed a few people.) The British medical and science establishment got lots and lots of tax money out of the mad cow scare, and the newsies made out like bandits -- which is what they really are, of course: bandits. What's the difference between a journalist and Al Capone? Yeah, right.

Just last year Dr. David King, Britain's national science adviser, retired with honors, claiming to the end that science triumphed because Britain had protected its public with insanely exaggerated warnings about mad cow disease. The only mad thing about mad cow was the public hysteria.

We live in an ocean of bugs, bacteria, viruses, and prions. Every breath you take brings in more. Most of them are perfectly harmless, because humans have a pretty good immune systems. Otherwise our species would have gone extinct a long time ago. That's our age: Scientific frauds get away with stampeding the public with a mythical disease, based on totally made-up computer models. Hell, Thomas Malthus had that figured out 200 years ago, and it was Charles Darwin who pointed out that Malthusian population explosions never happened because people and animals adapt to their parasites. If we didn't, we wouldn't be here.

A lot of our DNA still carries the traces of ancient immune adaptations, including mad cow prions. The French never believed those hysterical Brits running around like Chicken Little yelling  "Le ciel s'écroule!  Le ciel s'écroule!" Or as they say in that barbaric Anglo-Saxon tongue: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" French gourmets like to eat cow brains, sometimes uncooked as cervelle de vache fraiche. They took their chances and died well-fed and happy. They are just so hysteriques, les Anglais, si emotives, so easily gripped by la follie des foulles! As a French website writes:  "The possibility of (mad cow, or Vache Folle) transmission to humans through food was suggested by another form of the disease in Papua (New Guinea): kuru. This is indeed transmitted among humans through the cannibal custom of eating the brains of the dead. However, extensive investigation in Britain has failed to demonstrate a role of diet in the onset of human cases: people who died of the new form of mad cow disease did not eat differently from the rest of the population ...  -- so why have we not seen more cases?"

Précisément. They are so sensible and rational, les Francaises. Not at all like those panicky Brits. Mad cows and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun. The French just wear their tropical helmets.

The truth is that nature is not a poisoner. It's human beings who are spreading the big lie, that annoying mental infection. And it's human beings who can learn -- with the right education -- to be very skeptical about all the crooked politicians trying squeeze money out of you by telling you ever bigger lies. You just have to protect your own sanity -- because the media sure won't.