Obama's EPA Declares CO2 a Poison

I am offended, just like an old-fashioned feminist. So, I'm sure, is Mother Gaia herself. Offended, because Obama's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has just officially declared carbon dioxide (CO2) to be a poison. (Sigh.)

You can't even expel air anymore without ticking off our PC commissars.

Did you know you can die from drinking too much distilled water? Or from breathing too much pure oxygen? Oxidation products actually kill people -- they cause a huge variety of fatal diseases. The only solution is to stop breathing.

All the molecules of life are also molecules of death. The old medicos used to say, "It's the dose that makes the poison." Perfectly safe substances can kill you if you take enough of them, or if you use the wrong channels to put them into your body. Inject fresh mountain air into your veins and you're dead. You can choke on a nice big vitamin pill.

All substances are potential poisons, but if you're Obama's EPA you make it CO2. Wonder why? Because there's gold in them thar gases. It's the money, honey. But is there just a miniscule amount of CO2 bubbling through the atmosphere? How much are we talking about here?

Only a third of the American population still believes that humans are causing "global warming" -- which never existed, of course. That's after decades of screaming headlines by the wall-to-wall media, a thousand lying sob stories about polar bears drowning on melting ice floes, a million brainwashed school teachers, tens of millions of brainwashed kids, and a determined effort by the international Left to move heaven and earth -- or at least the UN -- to peddle the warming lie. I wonder why they want us to believe so desperately?

If only a third of the people are now convinced, that's a victory for common sense. Two thirds of the adults never surrendered to the biggest brainwash in history. But almost half the political class claims to believe in the Big Global Warming Lie, according to Rasmussen. Of course the political class tells lies just for practice, so we don't know what they really believe. Charles De Gaulle noted that politicians (like himself) tell so many lies that they soon lose track of what's true. In our age journalists are pure political animals and have no idea what's true or not. It's not their department. They don't have the intellectual equipment to figure it out. Journalism schools only accept kids who have flunked out of education classes. As long as it makes a headline they're happy.

It's up to the rest of us to remind people about the difference between truth and lies. Media lies poison the wells of information -- and those lies are going to kill us a lot faster than another 0.1% of CO2 in the air. The real danger is the EPA and its mendacious ilk.

Obama's EPA has become just another part of the Chicago mob. It will demagogue the media according to the prevailing winds. If Obama thinks he can squeeze more billions from the taxpayers, he'll tell the EPA to peddle the CO2 lie. If not, they will forget about it. But there's big money in them thar carbon credits, so now CO2 is an official U.S. government poison. Much of the scientific establishment is politicized today, and it will indeed tell lies for money. Have you noticed how quiet the big guns in science have been about all the eco-scams? I wonder why? They are always trying to convince us that smoking is bad, but they are curiously silent in the face of the global warming deception. Interesting, no? In Britain, with socialized medicine having corrupted everything in sight, the medical press routinely peddles hysteria and lies. Mad cow disease led to screaming headlines in the UK for two decades, with tens of thousands of British farmers being forced to slaughter and incinerate their cattle.