Obama's Double Somersault With a Twist Flip-Flop

So it happened like this, according to Barack Obama.

They were having a birthday party for little Malia last weekend in Montana when, all of a sudden, several trucks pull up to the house where they are staying and out jumps Maria Menounos of Access Hollywood, pushing herself and 10,000 pounds of equipment through the door while loudly demanding to interview the candidate, his wife Michelle, and even his kids Sasha and the birthday girl Malia.

Well, Obama and his family were having so much fun and everything that he had something of a brain cramp and, without thinking much about it, agreed on the spot to Menounos interviewing his little darlings.

Sound plausible? Here's a transcript of a Today Show interview with Obama where he explains why he "regrets" allowing his children to be exploited by one of the most exploitive TV shows in on the air today:

LAUER: …some people said wait a minute, the senator is trying to have it both ways. On the one hand, you want to protect your private life. On the other hand, here you are sitting with your two daughters and allowing them to answer questions. Did you make the right call on that?

OBAMA: Uh, you know, I think that we, uh, got carried away in the moment. We were having a birthday party and everybody was laughing, and suddenly this thing cropped up. And, uh, I didn’t catch it quickly enough. And I was surprised by the attention it received as well.

LAUER: Senator, if you had to do it over again?

OBAMA: Yah, I won’t be doing it again and we won’t be doing it again.

Suddenly this thing cropped up? Who is Obama trying to kid? This was a coldly calculated effort to use his children as props in the "Getting to Know Obama" campaign that the candidate will be pushing all this month. It certainly helps that effort when you have two cute as a button, clever, photogenic kids to melt the hearts of the viewing audience.

Michelle Malkin points out what's wrong with Obama's "explanation":

He’s got no one to blame but himself for this bad judgment call that wasn’t, to borrow Michelle O’s phrase, good for his kids. Yet, Obama makes it seem as though the cameras just magically appeared from nowhere, taking him by surprise. As if the four-part interview were a spur of the moment decision that “suddenly… cropped up.”

Horse-hockey you can believe in.

A four-part interview that probably entailed hours of set-up, makeup, mic checks, and post-wrap schmoozing… and he “didn’t catch it quickly enough.”

What Obama told Good Morning America about the incident is, if anything, more bizarre:

"It was an exception, it was Malia’s birthday, we were in Montana, everybody was having a good time,” he told Good Morning America talk show on ABC. “I think we got carried away a little bit. Generally what makes them so charming is the fact that they’re not spending a lot of time worrying about TV cameras or politics and we want to keep it that way.”

Asked if he regretted the interview, Obama said: “A little bit of pause, Michelle and I, particularly given the way it sort of went around the cable stations. I don’t think it’s healthy and it’s something that we’ll be avoiding in the future.”

It beggars belief that Obama would have agreed to the Access Hollywood interview without strict ground rules laid out in advance about what questions could be asked and how the children would be approached. If he didn't get these issues clear prior to taping, he's not much of a father -- or a politician, for that matter.