Obama's Domestic Violence Initiative: Hope, Hype, and Hogwash

Desperate times call for desperate measures. So last Wednesday, Barack Obama pulled out all the stops to woo the fading female electorate, unveiling a multi-pronged effort to “end domestic violence against women,” as the president theatrically called it.

But will the president’s 5-point initiative live up to the high expectations? Can this Election Eve gambit deliver on the goods?

Let’s begin with Obama’s hope about “ending” domestic violence. Folks, let’s get real: the only way to put a stop to partner aggression -- think Blondie chasing Dagwood with her rolling pin at the ready -- would be to separate men and women at birth and ship them off to opposite corners of the universe.

But wait! It turns out domestic violence is twice as high among lesbians as among heterosexual married couples. Well, scratch that idea.

If the hopey-hopey routine doesn’t do the trick, let’s turn to the hype. And here, Tinker Bell’s magic wand sparkles with a wondrous gleam.

Because President Obama has taken to casting a spell on women with this abuse fairy tale: Take a piece of paper and inscribe the words, “Stay away, you big meanie!” Sprinkle Pixie Dust, and call it a restraining order.

And now the would-be ravisher of women will slink away, knowing her magical scroll has the amazing power to ward off bullets, knives, and any other conceivable weapon of mass destruction.

Seriously, there’s not a scrap of research that shows restraining orders deter violence, but this is what President Obama’s “fact sheet” claims with a straight face: “Protective orders are effective in reducing the level of violence.”

Once the woman comes to believe that piece of paper will ward off the abuse demons, the protector-in-chief will conjure up a copy of "A Woman’s Guide to Green Jobs." According to the Department of Labor website, the guide will “aid in increasing women’s access to high-growth and emerging industry occupations in the green jobs section nationwide.”

That and the Jolly Green Giant.

Enough hype? Now on to the hogwash!