Obama's Cosmetic Border Security Plan Won't Work, But These Ideas Will (and Have!)

President Obama has finally decided to take action against the flow of drugs and illegal immigrants on our southern border, announcing a plan to mobilize 1,200 soldiers.

The president’s soothsayers must finally have noticed that Obama’s immigration non-policy and his kowtowing to Mexico's president don’t sit well with the voters. Axelrod, et al must be worried, as there is no other explanation for this move -- since it is purely political and cosmetic.

The president’s plan is a day late and a dollar short, wholly inadequate to get the job done.

In the late 19th century, the U.S. government built a series of forts in the American southwest with full complements of U.S. Cavalry. Some, like Fort Huachuca, established in 1877, are still active military posts. Huachuca was home to the famed all-black 10th Cavalry Regiment, better known as the “Buffalo Soldiers.” American icon Douglas MacArthur spent some of his youth in one of these forts -- his father Arthur was the commanding officer.

The forts were designed to protect the settlers from the constant raids of the native Apaches, who didn’t take kindly to having their land taken.

It worked.

Anyone who has visited the border may have been surprised to find the Border Patrol is in fact stationed 20 miles north of it. Yes, we now cede 20 miles of our nation to illegal drug and immigration activity. This activity needs to be stopped at the border, not in Phoenix or Tucson.

Currently the Border Patrol behaves like cops in a city. They meet each morning at headquarters, receive their assignments, and then go out for the day to patrol. The Border Patrol also conducts night operations, but there is no 24-hour presence in force at the actual border.

One current effective tactic is the utilization of Forward Observation Bases (FOB). These stations are situated right along the border and staffed with Border Patrol agents, who live at the bases for days at a time, using horses and ATVs to patrol the area.

Human traffickers and drug smugglers avoid these places. It works.