Obama's Chicago Secrets

Wealthy New Yorkers are renting homes in Ohio and putting twenty people in them so they can all vote illegally in a critical battleground state. Don't hold your breath waiting for that story to appear on CNN or anywhere else in the electronic media.

Instead, expect to see, ad nauseam, a store-by-store dissection of the money spent by the Republican National Committee on Sarah Palin's wardrobe. Of course, we are told this is news because it's not what you'd expect of a hockey mom.

Hockey moms, soccer moms, or metro-feminists that would turn down a shopping spree at Neiman Marcus just don't exist. (OK -- I once had an angry, feminist graduate student who wore the same gray cords everyday and was not washing her hair so as to conduct an ongoing entomological experiment on how many species of insects she could nurture on her scalp. But the exception proves the rule.)

Chicago blogs are chirping away about Tony Rezko's meetings with the federal prosecutor. Tony is singing like a songbird. You'd think that the electronic media would be more interested in what Tony might be saying than in how much it cost Sarah Palin to fly her children to state events, something every other Alaskan governor seems to have done.

Tony, you will remember, was Barack Obama's financial mentor, the guy who subsidized the purchase of Obama's Hyde Park mansion, and the guy who created the "pay for play" hospital construction scheme that was the end result of legislation Obama sponsored in the Illinois legislature.