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ObamaFood: Fattening Government to Fight Obesity

As Gunlock notes:

The U.S. actually has very low levels of hunger. According to the USDA, only 14 percent of U.S. households have experienced “food insecurity” — which only means intermittent problems putting food on the table, not chronic starvation.

So the first lady has contradicted herself. Are we to fight a war on fat or starvation? In the end, this law, like so many championed by the left, is precisely what the Kansas nutritionist said it to be: micromanagement.

It expands the USDA's authority and allows the federal government to use Medicaid records to directly enroll thousands of children in free or reduced lunch programs without having to fill out the paperwork. At a stroke, responsibility is once again taken away from parents, and authority over our personal lives is once again handed to the federal government.

More legislation is not the answer. As the source notes well, the way to combat childhood obesity is not to regulate but to educate, with parents educating themselves and their children about what good nutrition means -- and then taking responsibility to make sure their kids are eating properly, instead of fobbing that responsibility off on the schools, the unions, and Washington bureaucrats.