Obamacare Supporter Kirsten Powers: Obamacare Makes Me Pay More, Too

Once Healthcare.gov's technical problems get fixed, which at the current rate may happen around 2017, the real fun begins. Millions of Americans will learn just how much more Obamacare will force them to pay for the same or weaker coverage than they have now. Some of us warned that these days would come, while others who supported the law denied it.

Democrat Kirsten Powers is among the latter. Sticker shock greeted her once she finally managed to get through the exchange web site. Holding hands with Sticker Shock was its BFF, You Can't Keep the Plan You Liked.

Powers is being kind at the end of the clip, when she notes that the reality of Obamacare's higher premiums isn't "quite the way they sold it."

No, it's nothing like "the way they sold it." Obama sold his plan as one that would do the impossible. It can't. Some of us saw this coming years ago and warned the country about it, but people like Powers shouted us down. Shockingly (not), I personally spent more than a year at the Texas GOP doing interview after interview about what a job-killing, economic mess Obamacare would be. Not a single reporter has come back to me to ask what it's like to be proven so right.

What happens once millions of young, healthy people like Powers get through the dysfunctional exchange web site, find a plan that sort of suits them among the limited choices offered, and then see the price? Do they enroll for a heinously expensive plan they don't really need, or do they balk and pay the fine and do what Obamacare now allows them to do -- wait until they get sick to buy insurance? If they choose the latter, then Obamacare sends the U.S. health insurance industry into a death spiral. As some of us predicted.