The ♡bamaCare!!! Compendium of Doom

Every day, sometimes twice, VodkaPundit readers enjoy their ♡bamaCare!!! Fail of the Day. If, that is, your definition of "enjoy" extends far enough to cover "bemusement," "alarm," and "existential dread." But not today.

No, not today -- because as the "settled" law seeps further into our institutions and our economy, like The Blob terrorizing that movie theater, the failures are stacking up too quickly now for me to dole them out to you one at a time. Of course, the difference between ♡bamaCare!!! and The Blob is that the theatergoers could run for their lives towards the exits, while those of us in the real world have been mandated into our seats. So today I instead offer you…

The ♡bamaCare!!! Compendium of Doom!

Your big banner headline story is the most recent -- but not last -- legal challenge the law faces at the Supreme Court. At stake this time is the birth control mandate, which is widely expected to be upheld, but narrowed. The National Journal’s Sam Baker explains the outcome the left fears most:

The most sweeping option is a broad First Amendment proclamation that all corporations have a fundamental right to exercise religion, in this case by refusing to cover birth control in their employees' health care plans. This outcome would be almost a sequel to the Citizens United case on campaign finance laws and free speech. It would probably open the door for any company to challenge a slew of state or federal regulations, and would allow any corporation to avoid the contraception mandate—potentially affecting millions of women.

"Forcing" women to pay a few bucks a month at Walmart or Target for their own birth control seems to me at least to be a small price to pay for protecting our First Amendment religious liberties, but these days freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to mandate.

Last week’s most under-reported -- and certainly unintended -- consequence of ♡bamaCare!!! comes from Joann Weiner at the Washington Post:

The government’s report shows that federal tax credits make health insurance premiums more affordable for everyone. The academics’ report, however, shows that women age 55 to 64 will face a huge spike in cost when they go out to buy individual insurance on the federal exchange. These women bear the brunt of the increased premiums and out of pocket expenses after the Affordable Care Act.

But those increased expenses for consumers should help make the state exchanges more solvent, yes? No:

A large number of young adults have obtained health insurance through New York State’s Obamacare website -- but maybe not enough of them to keep the system afloat financially.

About one in three New Yorkers, 34%, who obtained coverage through the state online marketplace were in the key under-35 age bracket, the state Health Department said Thursday.

The exchanges require a minimum of 40% of under-35s to stay afloat, so it looks like New York -- which earlier reports showed was going to be one the few states where rates would actually decline under ♡bamaCare!!! -- has fallen 15% short of the requirement. Gerald Ford once famously refused to bail out New York City, but now it looks increasingly likely that the entire state’s exchange will go on the nation’s tab.