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Obamacare, Baseball, and the Public Trust

These athletes have been tested again and again and rose to the top, and on average would deliver excellent performance. Whereas the federal government is never tested, and success is based on force. As such, they cannot ever spend the money we send them efficiently. They have proved that in this latest example of a failed website.

The lesson we should learn from their malfeasance is that the leviathan has no ability to act with moral virtue, because in its current form, it does not have to. Aristotle described a moral virtue as a state of character lying between excess and deficiency. The federal government constantly jumps from excess to deficiency as warnings blast from the virtuous people they seek to silence.

In Federalist #49, James Madison wrote that the passions of the people, assuming their agents represented them well, ought to be controlled by the government, and the reason of the public ought to control the government. We are not operating in this method. Instead, we are existing as serfs under a government out of control fiscally and morally, one that decides our passions and seeks to ignore our reason, one that attacks the individual and coerces him to submit to their collective whim. One that sues states that try to serve their constituencies; one that acts as one, by one, and for one, itself.

We are ensnared by the selfish gluttony of government, invariably disregarding human variables and refusing to acknowledge our ability to reason. We get turned back and forth until we give in, powerless, our individual dreams extinguished.

There is no “constitutional equilibrium” as Madison promoted, because of the branches of government that refuse to view themselves as separate from the whole. With Washington’s current status quo, perhaps the national pastime is the only thing left that is not completely stolen from the citizen’s control.