Obama Zombies Versus Countercultural Conservatives

College campuses have become the most intolerant environment for free speech in America over the last few decades, with conservative students, speakers, and ideas in the crosshairs of hostile leftist professors and administrators who use their resources to advance a radical political agenda while suppressing the opposition. For years this was treated as a problem that was isolated to the campus community, but during the 2008 presidential campaign, the country learned that this problem breached the campus wall without a single sandbag laid down to reinforce it. In Jason Mattera’s Obama Zombies: How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation, he demonstrates how comprehensively the Obama campaign hijacked an entire voter generation to win the election. The good news is that, by heeding Mattera’s advice, the Obama Zombies  -- and the country -- can be saved.

In a hilarious but core-shaking manner, Jason outlines the strategy employed to convince -- better, buy off -- the “Millenials” to vote for the “cool” candidate. It had absolutely nothing to do with the issues and nothing to do with the candidates’ shadowy background, should-have-sunk-him associations, or thin experience. Young people were looking for a hero and a handout. They bought into promises “Their One” couldn’t possibly keep and didn’t much bother to think about how destructive to their own present liberty and future prosperity those false promises were in the first place.

As Mattera writes in Obama Zombies:

But perhaps one of the Team Obama’s best and most effective uses of rockers like Dave Matthews came in the form of a little something I like to call the “Dave Matthews Electoral Magnet” tactic. ... As Clinton was speaking, B.H.O.’s minions began handing out free Dave Matthews tickets. You can imagine the viral marketing effect, with college kids burning up their texting keyboards and mad dialing on their iPhones to tell their soon-to-be-Zombified friends that, “Dude, Obama is hooking us up with free Dave Matthews tickets. Leave the Slick Willy speech and come get the free tickets, bro!”

What happened to John F. Kennedy’s “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”? Instead college students showed the country that their blind allegiance could be bought for a measly concert ticket. The Millenials “sold their souls for rock ‘n roll.”

How retro.

This generation, of all voting blocs, should have been most skeptical of candidates that were going to make it harder for them to find a job after graduation, force them to pay more of their income in taxes, and not address the bankruptcy of the Social Security system. What of individualism? “It’s all about me” became “It’s all about B,” as mobs of fresh-faced, foul-mouthed post-Americans swarmed the polls, climbing over one another in a Pamplona bull-charge to surrender their liberty. For a logo.  The same logo every other non-conformist imagined was his or her own.