Obama Worship and the Herd Mentality

Since the election of Barack Obama, there have been questions among Republicans and right-wing pundits about the future of the Republican Party and how the GOP might be able to retake both Congress and the White House. I have an answer for them, but it will take some telling.

I visited my local bookstore a few days ago and found the entire front table was taken up with every imaginable type of Barack Obama memorabilia.

Have you noticed that when a Democrat gets elected to the White House, we end up with an overwhelming array of printed material showing up any place where books are sold, including grocery stores? You will never see this happen when a Republican is elected. Not even Ronald Reagan got this reaction. It wasn't until the Gipper left office that such commemorative works started selling. Given that Reagan got a bigger percentage of the popular vote than Obama did, it's a little difficult to conclude that the reason for the difference in reaction is that Obama is more popular.

Why the difference then? Those Americans traditionally supporting Republican candidates tend not to let their entire beings get wrapped up in letting one politician or another be the answer to all their problems -- or the cause of them.

The left, however, does. Demonstrably.

For eight years, the left went crazy. If their latte wasn't exactly how they like it, it was Bush's fault. If they lost their jobs, it isn't because  they weren't providing the company real value. It was Bush's fault. If the price of gasoline went up, it wasn't  because we won't let anyone drill for oil here in the U.S. It was because Bush was making a killing in the oil markets. Forget the mere fact that these charges being directed at Bush were easily disproved. Mere facts made no difference to the accusers. Mind you, I've made no secret of my discontent with Bush over the years, but it seemed to me that the ills being piled onto Bush were laughable.

Now we see that undiluted frothing hate being redirected into frothing adulation and support for President Obama. As an example: Despite pledges of being an open and ethical administration, and despite Obama's promise of a lobbyist-free administration, we now see a long string of ethically questionable Democrats and lobbyists connected to Obama's past and his present nominated for lucrative jobs within his administration. Yet there are no complaints from the left, who were so caustic over George W. Bush's ethical failings. Obama can do no wrong in their eyes. The transition is remarkable but predictable.