Obama Will Never Be Bill Clinton (Carter? Maybe)

Yet Bill Clinton is now ubiquitous, and offshoots of the very same mainstream media that spent the 1990s laying cover for Clinton’s liaisons are openly bragging that Obama might be a womanizer as well. Is this how desperate they are to make Obama appear “Clintonesque”? Asylum’s Brian Fairbanks recently wrote a piece that asked: “Bill Clinton vs. Barack Obama -- Who Scores the Best Groupies?”

Predictably, the comparison between the quality of “groupies” was just as forced as all the other comparisons of Obama and Clinton. And even if the current reports concerning Obama’s alleged affair with Vera Baker prove true, “getting lucky” with one impressionable campaign aide does not begin to stack up with the many women Clinton secretly met or openly groped.

Although Clinton was impeached, he survived six more years in office beyond 1994 because he bowed (somewhat) to the will of the American people and compromised with Republicans -- even to the point of signing off on central portions of their agenda. But the great and powerful Obama saves all his compromises for our military enemies and all his bows for tyrants and figureheads of foreign countries.

Obama and his minions can push the Clinton comparisons all they want, but they’ll only be apt for one day this November.