Obama Will Never Be Bill Clinton (Carter? Maybe)

Since snatching the Democratic presidential nomination from Hillary Clinton in 2008, Barack Obama has been touted as an intellectual, a great communicator, and a political savior. With messianic phraseology, his supporters have described him as the one who will “repair” America’s image abroad, better the lives of the downtrodden here at home, and use “his enormous skills as a communicator to express a moral system” to those who will listen.

When John McCain ran against Obama’s brand of redemption and warned that electing Obama would be equivalent to giving Jimmy Carter a second term, Obama’s surrogates in the media cried foul -- insisting Obama was more of a Bill Clinton than a Carter.

These surrogates were only following Obama’s lead, as he has clearly tried to capture a bit of whatever it was that made the Clinton years so memorable for leftists. What other explanation can be given for the fact that the Obama administration is staffed “with so many people with high-level experience [from] Bill Clinton’s presidency”?

But with unemployment rising, government takeovers more common, and President Obama stuttering through “uh-oh” without a teleprompter, it appears this political savior won’t be turning water into wine any time soon. Taken with his poll numbers, which have “fallen at a record rate (for a first-year president),” McCain’s Carter comparison was the apt one.

Apparently, Obama is a false prophet. And he is definitely no Bill Clinton. He never has been and never will be.

While it makes sense that a Democratic president losing support prior to midterm elections might examine Clinton’s recovery from 1994, Obama has to face how different he and Clinton are. So different, in fact, that the experience of Clinton is not a worthwhile model.

The closest these two have come to being similar is their mutual claim to being this nation’s first black president.

But even on this issue there are differences: Clinton was lying (as usual), while Obama was telling the truth (a rarity).