Obama waving-hand gaffe picture NOT a hoax or a Photoshop after all!

The image's authenticity is further confirmed by the existence on the Getty site -- which serves as sort of a "raw feed" of news photos which subscribing editors can browse through -- of an "alternate take" photo showing a slight close-up of Obama in the group shot, this time with his hand not blocking his neighbor's face:

Getty Images — Title: United Nations General Assembly Coverage:

And then there's this shot, another out-take without the offending hand:

So, what this all means is:

Unless this is some kind of hoax of unparalleled proportions, the gaffe-tastic photo of Obama idiotically waving his hand in a group shot of world leaders, blocking the face of one of them (Tsakhia Elbegdorj, the president of Mongolia, as far as I can tell), really is an authentic photo, and is worthy of Internet infamy.

Have at it!

(And if you have any evidence to the contrary, that it really is Photoshopped somehow, and that the hoax fooled Getty Images, MSNBC, and several other news outlets, please present your evidence in the comments section; in a sense, that'd be even more newsworthy than the already-known fact that our President is a clueless narcissist.)


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