Obama Turns on America's Veterans

Back during the campaign, there were veterans that came out for Barack Obama saying that he would be the best person to represent veterans in the future.

Still thinking that, are we?

Over the last several days, we have seen exactly what President Obama thinks of veterans -- and it isn't much, from what I can tell. Culminating with his (failed) initiative to charge veterans' insurance companies for such things as combat-related injuries, the current administration is showing that it is certainly not thinking of the best interests of veterans.

Combining this gaff with his upcoming intention to eradicate and "un-fund" defense programs, on top of an almost-certain alteration of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell (DADT) regulation, Obama is likely to become the most unpopular CinC since Carter.

In Carter's time, we were coming out of the Vietnam era, and he set in motion changes that were felt for years: emasculating the NCO corps, erasing funding for training, and pushing development of programs that had no future basis for the military. All of these combined to produce two career-ending events for him -- Desert One and the Iranian Hostage crisis. Obama, God forbid, will only have to deal with Iraq and Afghanistan.

What this insurance debacle has shown us is that Obama has no intention of keeping the campaign promises he made to moderates and veterans. A campaign statement he made to veterans to ‘'not let you down'' has gone under the bus. Even the first lady is getting caught up in it. Just over a week ago, she was in Camp Lejeune meeting with families, promising to help them, and recognizing their struggles with the deployments.

Did the president and first lady think that drastically altering veterans' insurance would in any way help the families? How? I can't see it.