Obama: The Presidential Orchid

"They are the P.T. Barnums of the flower kingdom, dedicated to the premise that there is a sucker born every minute."

Natalie Angier, The Beauty of the Beastly

Remarking on the career of Barack Obama as he advances through his first term in office, there can be no more doubt that he is a stalwart man of the Left. Indeed, he is a true paragon of the Left who has come, with the help of a party parasitic upon the welfare of the nation, to remake America in the image of its most dedicated enemies. He represents everything that the Left has come to signify for our time, with its ancestral suspicion of Jews, its staple practice of propitiating rather than confronting its enemies, its collectivization of the means of production and intrusive regulation of markets, its redistribution through tax mechanisms of honorably earned income, and its pro-Islamic complicities. As such, Obama also represents the end of the American empire as he proceeds toward the Europeanization of the United States, ineluctably reducing his country to a pallid simulacrum of its former greatness.

But what is perhaps most distressing about the 44th president is the consummate deceptiveness of his nature, a faculty in which he may arguably have outclassed all 43 of his predecessors lumped together. It has been widely reported that many of his specific campaign promises have not been fulfilled or are even in the process of being revoked -- except, of course, for his promise to change America profoundly, where he seems to have kept his word. Nevertheless, the form and magnitude of the mutation surely transcended the boundaries of reasonable expectation.

Thinking they were dealing with a liberal democrat, few observers envisioned the sharp and careening leftward veer in which Obama has taken the country, steering it toward a socialist destination resembling not only that of the European Union but even, in some respects, of Venezuela as well. His move toward the effective nationalization of banks, health care, and the auto industry, not to mention his growing share in the mortgage game and the climate racket, is extremely worrisome. As Tristan Yates warns in Pajamas Media, "In the finance, transportation, energy, and health care sectors, government will own the largest firms in the market and also be tasked with regulating those industries, a dangerous conflict of interest." Although we might note that this has never been a conflict of interest for a socialist government, whose self-appointed mandate is control of the economy and whose inevitable result is gross mismanagement.