Obama Takes Putin's Side in Magnitsky Case

As if to remove any doubts about who Putin really is, Anders Behring Breivik announced he was a big fan of the dictator.

And through it all, the Obama administration has remained silent at best. At worst, Obama has actively supported the Kremlin in exchange for assistance with his foreign policy agenda. Even if it were somehow proper to sacrifice basic American values, Obama is not actually achieving anything with Russia’s support. If he were, would the Tehran Times be running headlines like “Iran Welcome’s Russia’s Positive Attitude” as Russia openly touts its support of Iranian nuclear activities?

The notion that Russia could have a benign attitude towards the United States is utterly belied by the recent report that the Putin Kremlin bombed the U.S. embassy in Georgia, and by the obvious fact that a man like Putin who has spent his entire life in the KGB is not, and cannot be, America’s ally or friend.

But regardless, it is not proper to sacrifice basic American values, to dash the hopes of thousands of Russians who are risking their lives to defend them. It is not proper to sit and watch as Putin consolidates a malignant dictatorship and sets the stage for a whole new cold war conflict. It is un-American, a foul besmirching of American honor, one for which Obama’s name must live in infamy.