Obama Sucks Up to the Rich Man

President Barack Obama has more or less declared war on wealthy Americans with his proposed tax and spending plans. Daniel Henninger explains:

Mr. Obama made clear in the campaign his intention to raise taxes on this income class by letting the Bush tax cuts expire. What is becoming clearer as his presidency unfolds is that something deeper is underway here than merely using higher taxes to fund his policy goals in health, education, and energy.

The "top 1%" isn't just going to pay for these policies. Many of them would assent to that. The rancorous language used to describe these taxpayers makes it clear that as a matter of public policy they will be made to "pay for" the fact of their wealth -- no matter how many of them worked honestly and honorably to produce it. No Democratic president in 60 years has been this explicit.

So Obama has it in for the wealthy. Those of us who went beyond the gushing headlines during the campaign last year already knew that. It's ironic, considering his income jumped from $991,296 in 2006 to $4.2 million in 2007 -- but while you can move a man away from the breeding ground of his ideology, you can't take the ideology out of the man. Plus you have to admit he sure looks snazzy in those expensive tailored suits.

What's even more ironic is that as Obama continues to offer campaign-like platitudes in an effort to bolster his populist credentials, he's busy boosting his credentials with the wealthy socialites in Washington:

Earlier this year, the Obama administration invited top editors of Washington's three local luxury lifestyle magazines, Capitol File, DC Magazine, and Washington Life, to a meeting where, among other things, they discussed how the president and first lady can embrace Washington's glittery social scene. ...

A White House aide who spoke on condition of anonymity dismissed the notion that a publicly populist Obama White House is privately courting socialites, contending that the meeting was held to explore how the Obamas can "engage in the community." The aide also pointed out that similar meetings were held with representatives of sports, entertainment, and philanthropic organizations in Washington.

Rich people are to be reviled, according to Obama's rhetoric, except when it comes to his bank account and his social life. I think I get it now. That explains the Wednesday cocktail parties, Obama's penchant for $100 per serving Wagyu steak, and cranking up the taxpayer-funded thermostat in the Oval Office -- thus inspiring my newest nickname for him, Tropical Barry. In three delicious flavors: Marxist Berry Red, Eco-Fraud Green, and Kool Menthol.

As Mel Brooks memorably said, "It's good to be the king."