Obama Should Listen to Putin's Remarks About Politicians

Unlike most members of the political class, Governor Palin is "not a lawyer. She’s not from the Ivy League. She’s not part of the Washington establishment." If that is not sufficient to disqualify her from public office, she is also an idiot. Who but an idiot would write "Hi Mom!" on the palm of her hand? It's wrong of her to do such things, and even uneducated idiots who cling to their Bibles and guns should know it. Governor Palin "is a blatant numbskull and intellectual midget with damn good looks and speaking skills, but to make her a political leader is disgraceful."

President Obama needs to remind those who listen to Governor Palin and her clique of their wrongheaded ways at every opportunity. They have been conned and deceived; we need more government, not less. Size matters.

Gosh darn! It's the euphoric idiocy of Governor Palin and her small clique of admirers that will be their downfall:

The most fundamental difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives tend to be happy people, while liberals tend to be unhappy. There are exceptions to that rule, of course, but then not all liberals hate Palin. Come to think of it, maybe Ronald Reagan's cheerfulness was one of the reasons they couldn't stand him, either.

President Obama must do everything in his power to keep them euphoric; they should not be allowed to become sad or to spew guilt. That must be the sole prerogative of President Obama and his colleagues. They know full well that United States history is conclusive evidence of viciousness, and deep down even the intellectually challenged masses must know this.

Surely this is the case, since President Obama won a massive victory in 2008; the views of the electorate have not changed. They must also be taught that without Reed, Pelosi et. al to guide our highly regarded legislative branch we may well revert to that sorry condition. The United States spawned a vile world and it is unthinkable that the country should revert to its wicked ways. The abject failure of Governor Palin and her clique to recognize this will defeat them in the end. We need global initiatives, such as a strong climate treaty and cap and trade legislation, now to live up to our global responsibilities; we also need his jobs bill, his financial regulatory reform, and his health care plan. Without our present great leaders, these needs won't be met; soon more inconvenient truths will be revealed and it may be too late.

It has been said that President Obama must attack his domestic opponents with gusto and a bit more. Respectfully, I must take issue with these words of wisdom from Daily Kos on dealing with the tea partiers who slander him every day:

Who will ask Sarah Palin why so many millions who dare to live in urban cities are "not real Americans"?

These people want our President, the legitimately elected President of the United States, the man who leads our armed forces and heads up our executive branch of government, dead.

They do not want to argue with Barack Obama on the merits of health care. They do not want to debate the finer points of strategy over a jobs bill. They are not interested in discussing issues like immigration or tax structures for estates and incomes over 250,000.

They are the bloodthursty [sic] mob who have turned on the very concept of a pluralistic society. They are the pitchfork wielding ignorant witch-hunting crazies who would tear this country apart if they could to seek vengeance for their bloodlust.

They are the betrayers of the very thing they claim to love, the United States of America, precisely because they have given in to the dark forces of rage, of racism, and of incoherent fear and paranoia.

These are not people to be argued with. Debated. Reasoned with.

Although these temperate yet compelling words from Daily Kos demonstrate that incoherent fear and paranoia are pernicious, as well as the sole property of the tea partiers and conservatives, President Obama must not fall into that trap. He needs to win over the misguided fools who do not agree with him with love and understanding, as he has so successfully done with North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, the Palestinians, and even the French.

President Obama must follow my humble advice if he is to be remembered in history as he is entitled to be -- as a great Moses-like leader who brought the United States out of her sorry past and into a new promised land.

Alas, if only we deserved Him!