Obama: President of Just Another Country

Even more than what the president believes, however, the nature of his character is emerging as even more disturbing. Through all the high-profile international events of the past month, not once did our president rise in spirited defense of our country -- quite the opposite, in fact. He apologized and humbled America while deftly making sure the blame didn't include him. After all, Mr. Ortega, I was only three months old. In words and actions, he repeatedly degraded the country he was supposed to represent and put himself at the center of attention. Clearly, the country did not come before Obama but often it served as a means to elevate him above all others.

What type of person does this? We all know at least one of them. It's all about them and their image of themselves as reflected by the reaction of those around them. They are the ones who will ridicule their wives to get a laugh or if they think it makes them appear bold. They are embarrassed by their family and make sure those around them understand that he is not "like them." He is the good one. He talks down friends when they are not around just to make himself look good. People who otherwise know not to criticize a person's family to their face don't hesitate to do so with him -- he will join in and rarely defends them. To this day, despite his position and wealth, the members of his extended family live in poverty and deprivation. How would helping them benefit him?

He is the type who stands alone on a massive stage to accept a nomination or be inaugurated. Friends, family, and colleagues are nowhere to be seen. Everyone must know he wrote the speech alone so all can know they are hearing his word in the firm belief they have a need to hear it.

He is the type that will sign a book deal a week before becoming president of the United States; after all, just because the country may need all his time and effort, that doesn't mean he should pass up his opportunity at a half million, right? He will find the time. In a very direct way, his reluctance to wear the flag pin early on fits his narcissistic character perfectly. The patriotism that makes one proudly wear the country's flag simply doesn't make sense to him. It may even embarrass him.

This is one seriously narcissistic person, one who could recklessly and without hesitation change the world because a serious regard for history, experience, and even human nature simply is not there with him. To the extent that evidence or views are contrary to his vision they are simply wrong, misguided, or poorly executed. Barack Obama represents himself, first and foremost, and his vision is the one this country must ultimately accept. Who can doubt that a vision for the world outweighs one for America alone? It is his vision of what the world ought to be, one that is decidedly not an American vision, which is the central focus of his presidency. When dealing in global matters, we are not the lone superpower and greatest hope for a freer and more prosperous world. Rather, as he informed England earlier this year, we are just another country he must contend with on the way to creating his concept of the world as it ought to be. We are just one of the pieces, no more. He will have to deal with our arrogance the same as with Russia's belligerence, China's ambitiousness, or European condescension.

So humbling America makes perfect sense and he has no hesitation to do it. But he also makes it clear that it is not he who should be blamed; it was those other guys. After all, he isn't like other Americans -- arrogant, wasteful, and selfish. He's the good one.