Obama Lights Fire Under GOP While 'Half Pint' Campaigns for Dems

Gilbert, a past president of the Screen Actors Guild who now lives in Howell, Mich., with her husband Tim Busfield, told PJ Media it was an epiphany on a treadmill that led her to the Schauer campaign.

“I was walking on the treadmill at the gym and was going on and on and on about the state of Michigan, and how I thought this governor (Snyder) was not doing what I thought he should be doing, and I did a search to find out who was running against him,” she told PJ Media.

Gilbert discovered Schauer’s campaign website, did some research, called his office, and 20 minutes later the candidate called back and they met for lunch.

One of the issues that strikes home with Gilbert is Gov. Snyder’s elimination of the film and TV industry tax credit program that was created during the Granholm administration.

Gilbert said she would “love to see the film industry come to Michigan,” rather than having a locale in Canada, for instance, playing the part of the Wolverine State.

“We have everything here. Every time period can be shot here. Every type of topography can be shot here,” Gilbert explained. “And the benefit of having a film company come to town is the ripple effect with the jobs created and the way it affects the economy.”

Schauer said he might be tempted to bring back tax breaks to encourage the film and TV production industry in Michigan, but in a different form than the tax breaks that were granted to a stream of Hollywood production companies during the Granholm administration.

“I was there when we created the film and TV industry tax credit program,” he said. “Other states are taking that industry from us because Rick Snyder has pretty much decimated that program.”

“I wouldn’t do it exactly the way it was done before. This time it would be targeted toward creating Michigan jobs. But we need tools and policies that help grow our economy,” Schauer said. “The film industry is an example of that. It is a way to bring young people back to Michigan.”

An EPIC-MRA poll released by the Detroit Free Press a week before Tuesday’s vote had Snyder in the lead by only 2 points over Schauer and undecided voters had started swinging toward the Democratic Party’s side of the ballot.

“The ground game is starting to take effect with absentee voters,” said Bernie Porn, the president of EPIC-MRA. “We’ve got ourselves a real horse race here.”