Obama Leaves Israel With a Security Nightmare

It is now also feared that ISIS will use chemical agents in the battle for Mosul, with evidence of deadly mustard gas already found in a village that ISIS controlled in the area.

For Israel, says Fishman, it means:

 … facing a situation in which its potential enemies -- radical Islamic states or organizations -- have turned chemical weapons into legitimate warfare.

And it’s not only chemical weapons. Israeli defense officials, Fishman writes, “assess that as soon as the banking restrictions on Iran are lifted, it will start breaking the nuclear agreement.” It’s believed that the region’s three main Sunni powers -- Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia -- won’t want the Shiite power, Iran, to march toward nukes all by itself.

Noting that Saudi Arabia has already bought rights for a nuclear bomb from Pakistan, Fishman writes:

[T]he Middle East is returning to a nonconventional arms race, and Israeli is beginning to anxiously prepare for the new era.

Presumably a world where amoral or fanatic powers, terror organizations, and mass-destruction weapons are on the rise is not what the progressive, Nobel Peace Prize-winning Obama had in mind. It is not a good world for peace, stability, or civilization. As usual Israel is in the eye of the storm. Obama had no use for its warnings, but they’re worth heeding.