Obama Joins the Male-Bashing Brigade

To be a leftist is to be enmeshed in guilt. They are to shame what the cicada is to song. Unease and discomfort permeate their views -- of which they unfortunately have many. Everything in their eyes is suspect, be it country, ethnicity, religion, or any action that advances self-interest (the horror!). Of course, their brand of guilt is unusual. It’s not your father’s, mother’s, or ancestors’ version of the sensation. Their self-flagellation has no correlation with increased personal responsibility. The feeling is nebulous and rarely applies to their own behavior, as the leftist lacks entirely the capacity for introspection. More than a little is wrong with them and, as they cannot fix their deficiencies via the normal means, their preferred form of therapy is immersion in politics. Progressive (read: regressive) crusades boost their self-esteem. The poses they affect buoy them through thousands of self-inflicted storms. Perpetually they wield a trump card that conservatives cannot acquire. The leftist “cares” or at least pretends to as they emote brazenly over the nation’s fabricated problems. Their sanctimonious proclamations and simultaneous refusal to be influenced by “common sense” -- which, after all, is so common -- places them upon a pedestal.

In juxtaposition, conservatives are at a disadvantage. We try to solve dilemmas that actually exist, a less sexy and glossy approach indeed. That the left’s ideas invariably lead to ruin is of little consolation because by the time their follies are discovered they’ve already moved on to a new boondoggle.

As opposed to responding to what actually is or to the impact their much-beloved programs have on the underclass, pseudo-liberals incriminate shadowy villains to whom they have only a vicarious relationship.

They become outraged over the beliefs or actions of “society,” Caucasians, “the rich,” or Western civilization as a whole instead of their own malignant personalities.

Any element to which they are loosely affiliated, like the aforementioned plagues, becomes bad while those involving “the other” are invariably good. Their ideology represents the victory of reductionism over logic and Manichean superstition over fact.

Sadly, like vain politicians and cockroaches, pseudo-liberals will always be with us. Yet psychologically their florid displays of pathology are better suited for psychiatric analysis than for political leadership.

Why improve yourself, the economy, or the nation when you can adopt an unctuous air and accuse those who disagree with you of PC crimes and/or genocide?

As with Woodrow Wilson -- truly one of their own -- they express love for humanity but disdain actual human beings. They have no objection to members of the general public, provided they remain theoretical constructs and avoid visiting their offices.

To guilt merchants and pity purveyors, no cause is more holy than that of the Western woman. Their reverence towards these creatures -- once thought to be merely the equals of men -- knows no limit.